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Make your running safer to avoid injuries to knees, back and joints.

Aheel is fixed on your running shoe and beeps in real time every time you strike the heel helping you avoid potential injury and teaching you to run properly.

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Running Kills?

Did you know that when striking the heel while running, your lower body experiences a shock. Such shocks add up with each step and could gradually destroy your joints starting with the knees and going up your back. This leads to pain following serious injury.

Millions of runners face these risks with no simple solution in sight. Until now.

Running heals...

Meet Aheel - a simple device that helps you run safer in real time. Aheel is a superthin and ultralight insole that goes into your shoe to do just one thing and do it right – beeping every time you strike the heel risking an injury.

It weighs just 20g and runs for up to 3 months on a plain AAA battery. There are no buttons – Aheel automatically detects running and goes to sleep when idle making it a true "wear and forget" running aid.

Aheel is fully standalone and needs no connection to operate - now, you can leave your heavy smartphone or any other connected running gadget at home and run freely and safely.

When you wear Aheel.

Aheel has two sensors - one in the front and one in the back. They measure in real time the way your foot strikes while running. Everytime you strike the heel first, there’s a high risk of injury. In a split second, Aheel warns you by producing a beep.

You hear the sound and correct the way your strike right away. This forms a healthy reflex of safe running.

No need to spend hundreds on crazy running shoes and over designed connected running gadgets. 

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  • Real Time Heel Strike Feedback
    signalling every time you strike the heel
  • No need to charge
    for 3 months with a simple AAA battery
  • Wear and forget
    buttonless operation with DeepStep® motion detection technology
  • Virtually weightless and superthin
    at just 29 grams with battery
  • Rainproof
    thanks to IP66 water and dust resistance
  • Fully standalone
    Aheel needs no bluetooth connection to operate.

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